iPad 3 Release Date

iPad 3 Release Date and Features, Is it appropriate if we dubbed Apple as the king of gadget in US?, as the iPad is grabbing not less than 80% from the entire market share of US tablet market. This phenomenon is not only clouding the white red and blue states, but also in numerous countries that the people is gone crazy tapping their fingertips since the coming of iPod touch in their countries.
iPad 3 Release DateEven though it is ranked as the #1 tablet, the Apple loyalist are still standing their feet in queue for the better iPad 3 and do enthusiast search for every updates news in web browsing about the release date, new technology and so on. Right now plenty of rumors had been launched blindly to the public, the most topic being talked is the official iPad 3 Release Date launch and the features.

Update (1st July 2011) : the big Apple is preparing to boost the iPad 2 production in the early second semester of 2011. Several analysts thought that this plan can probably shift away the good news of 2011 iPad 3 release.

Update (2nd June 2011) : referring to the DigiTimes, the end of waiting of iPad 3 production will be planned in sometime in 2012. Fortunately, Steve Jobs’ teams has begun to pick and choose what best components will be installed for iPad 3. Many mass medias told to market that the iPad 3 will be officially released around September 2011. The insiders told that Apple is still running in process with problems and solutions, while the third generation production will be the end of the line.

John Gruber, an Apple analyst, also nodding the head for the information of the September release of iPad 3. He added some sentences in his blog, “Summer feels like a long time away. If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3. And they didn’t only announce this with a distant ship date; they did it with no word on pricing.” Totally different with Grubber, the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs told that the 2011 will belong to iPad 2.

The shocking demands and response about the iPad 2 is spreading in the entire webs. If your are a US citizen, you have to thanks to God due to the civilization because UK people will hand the iPad 3 after a month or two from the US release. iPad 3 Release Date Features Prediction:

• Retina Display: The fans are disappointed with the retina display promise in iPad 2 that Apple give them the same display at previous version. Again, the retina display with 2048×1536 pixels is expected to be presented by Apple in the third generation of iPad.
• SD Card Slot: Being different and unique is not always interesting, the absence of SD card slot in iPad series is one of it. The fans are hoping they can insert an SD card in their third G iPad.
• Improved HDMI: aha, this one is worth enough to be paid, with an additional 39$ you will get the real HDMI playback to play your HD video from Apple devices to TV with the additional HDMI cable.
• Camera Flash: completed the HD recording and sharp picture capture with camera flash is an perfect feature for a smart device.
• Thunderbolt: another technology being applied is the existence of Thunderbolt port in iPad 3. This device provides power, video and data exchanging via the same connector at high speed.
• Wireless Synchronize: The wireless sync need to be featured in iPad 3 like what have been done in several gadgets.